The best collars for a bulldog

We have already written about the best dog leashes but that is very generic as dogs come in all shapes and sizes. So when it comes to the dog collar they need to be specific for your dog. Too big and it wont hod them, too small and it will hurt them. And on top of this different dog breeds needs different types of material to stop the dog being hurt.

Having a bull dog as a pet is a huge deal which is why it is essential that you know why it is important to have a harness and the purpose of owning one. The harness is an extremely important equipment to own for any dog owner due to the various purposes it serves. Selecting the best collars for a bulldog is such a tough task due to the fact that they are available in numerous designs.

Purpose of a harness

The harness is very different from a dog collar both in appearance and the purpose. The harness is worn in combination with the collar. The harness and collar will both be in the possession of any responsible dog owner, especially one owning a bulldog.

The purpose of a harness for bulldogs is mostly for training as well as walking purposes. When walking your dog it is advisable to use your harness especially if the walk is for a short distance. The harness should be put on for short durations of time such as when using the bathroom and other tasks that consume similar duration of time.

Choosing the right collar for your Bulldog

The overall health of your bulldog might heavily depend on the way you make use of the harness as well as the collar. It is very essential that a dog owner is well aware of when they need to use the collar and harness. The greatest mistake any individual can make is allowing their bulldog to have all the power positioned on their neck. The average bulldog is estimated to have about sixty pounds of muscle placing all that power around the neck which might be deadly for the bulldog.

Applying the Harness

The best retractable harness is a circular device that is put on around the chest and belly of the bulldog. Using the harness removes all the pressure from the neck of your dog. The first step of applying the harness is opening the nickel buckle to make it easy to place the harness on the dog. Place the head of the bulldog through the end circle at the front then let the dog steps to the centre strap at the bottom using both legs. Close the nickel buckle and the harness is in position.

When selecting the best collar for bulldogs there are several factors that you need to put into consideration in relation to the body build of the dogs such as overheating. The bulldogs have flat faces, short and compact muzzles which cause overheating due to the difficulty they experience when breathing and panting. This is why the collar is not an ideal device to use while walking your bulldog for a long distance as it restricts the breathing while at the same time risking collapse of the tracheal.

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