How often should you exercise your Dog?

Every breed is designed to do different things. All have a breed specialized “job”. Some breeds are lazy, some hyperactive, some annoying, some angry birds. Every breed has its own requirements too. Food requirements, rest requirements even exercise requirements too.

Here is a list of some energy bundles who needs the most exercise to stay in shape.

The AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD is a herding dog, with a bundle of energy.


Now comes the shining star of the USA, designed to retrieve are LABRADOR RETRIEVER.

Another extremely popular breed in America, the GOLDEN RETRIEVER is great for hunting and known for their love of swimming.

An incredibly fast, agile breed. On top of their need for speed, they’re highly intelligent so it’s important that you keep them busy- WEIMARANER’S.

The breed herd to hunt lion thus highly intensive exercise-RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK.

Now lets turn to highly athletic mini wolves who bred to stretch

The German Shepherd is one breed that is still highly utilized for work. When we think of police dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, military dogs…the most common is the German Shepherd. Any breed capable of what they’re capable of need excessive exercise.

Known for their beautiful spots, Catahoula’s are a herding dog, that desperately needs a job for their active personalities.

Intense athlete, calm and cute – While all dogs need exercise, some definitely require more activity than others. If you are a marathon runner or want an agility dog, one of these breeds may fit you just fine. On the other hand, if you are more of the movie-marathon type, you may want to skip one these dogs “Too much energy” is one of the reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters, so be sure you are ready before adding one of these breeds to your family.

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