How Much Does A Taxidermy Cost?

If you have not read our post on what a taxidermy is start there before reading this.

In earlier days, only the hunters did taxidermy. They went and hunted, brought back the dead animal, did all the process and stuffed the animal themselves. Today there a lot of professional taxidermists who do stuffing. These range from those who do wild animals of big sizes and those who only do pets stuffing.

Among the taxidermists themselves, there are those who take time for the full treatment and does a fully genuine job and there are those who do mass production work. There is a difference in quality and difference in pricing. It all comes down to quality.

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Of course, gone are the days when you had wild animals and big animals being stuffed. Hunting rules and taking these from country to country are preventing much of those. These old animals or their parts are now available either at museums or at old Victorian houses where they still adorn the walls.

Most of the animals that are stuffed today are those that are available in good numbers or those which can be hunted or eaten. These are done by various taxidermists around the country.

The pricing depends mainly on size and what parts you want. The price for a shoulder mount, wall pedestal and horn mount vary. Of course, the life-size will come at a much higher price. There are also price differences based on the animals that are available locally and those which are from other countries.

Pieces that are sold from huge estates, antique shops and hunting places will, of course, cost you more. You need to really hunt for these to get what you want. There are also many shops that would do these for you. You can get them stuffed if you have the animal or get the full thing done by them.

What finally decides the prices is the quality of the mount. By quality what we mean is how close to realistic the mount is. Are the muscles and the poses really like the animal? Do the eyes look natural enough? These are all the things that are going to matter when it comes to price. Anyone who does these to the highest quality standards is not going to bring down the price. They do much lesser work in a month or year than the others do, and this is going to decide the price.

Have a good picture of the animal in mind before you go to buy your taxidermy. That will help you select the best quality one.

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