Best Dog Leashes To Keep Your Dog Still – Which One To Choose?

Dog leashes, also known as Dog leads, are highly important for ensuring the well being and care of dogs. Whether you are simply walking your canine companion or training it, it is essential to buy the best one for your dog. As a buyer, you can find a wide range of dog leashes and leads to choose from. There are plenty of variations, and one that satisfies your needs as well as offers utmost comfort to your dog is the one that is best for you.

Standard leashes

These are available in nylon or leather, and are the commonest in form. You can find these in many styles and forms, from simple leather leashes to diamond studded leashes. Those made of nylon come with a reflective strip that allows higher safety while walking your dog in the early morning or late at night. These are usually as long as 6 foot, as per most municipality standards. Where dog leash training is concerned, this is the type of leash mainly used. These can come in single style or double style.

Retractable dog leashes

In the last few years, these have become very popular. These cannot help in training and are not preferable for dog leash training sessions. However, these work well for already leash trained dogs and you need the best retractable dog leashes for your dog. You can use it to have your dog move about safely in an open area. However, in case of a danger you can retract it and make your dog come back.

Bicycle dog leash

These are special types of leads, comprising of an aluminum tube and a cable with plastic coating passing down through the inside of the tube. The cable projects from the tube and end about 2 feet to let dogs move about easily. One end can be connected to your dog’s collar while the other end can be connected to a bike.

Martingale leash

At times, these are called “show-leash”. This is the preferable leash when you are in a ring. These work as a leash as well as a multipurpose collar, and offer the benefit of not choking your dog at any point of time. The lead’s collar part rides high on the neck of the dog, and is connected immediately behind its ears with a tiny chain that gives a tight pull when the leash is pulled on. If you want to jog safely with your dog along with you, you must get this type of leash.

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