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How long do bulldogs live?

To give the right answer to the question, we will discuss about the genetic facts of all bulldog kind starting from history and then health of this dog breed.


In the 1500’s the term bulldog was mentioned in literature and the term used back then was Bondogge and Bolddogge. The modern spelling for the dog family came in the literature in 1631 and 1632 in a literature and in 1666 a scientist, Christopher Merret applied the term bull dog or bear dog as an entry in “Pinax Rerum Naturalium Britannicarum”

How long bulldogs lived in this era? Well, they lived for about 2 years since they were mainly used for the cruel animal sport of bull baiting.

When the 1800’s came bull baiting became an illegal sport and the bulldogs almost disappeared due to their ferocious nature cultivated during more than 2 centuries.

How long do bulldogs live by then? The bulldog’s life span extended to around 6 years at most. Since then, bulldogs were used for various strength based work as they were bulky with all that muscles.

At the turn of the 20th century the bulldog was became a famous breed for their unique appearance. Since then, good breeding practices has removed the aggression from this family of dogs.


How long do bulldogs live now? A 2004 UK survey of 180 bulldogs put their life span of about 8-10 years. The leading causes of death was cardiac related due to how the bulldog’s body is configured. Second leading cause of death is cancer.

They have a lot of health issues due to their build. The issues ranges from cardio-vascular issues, hip issues, Patellar luxation, interdigital cysts, cherry eye, and joints issues.

Also because of their built, over 80% of bulldogs were born with Caesarean section.


How long do bulldogs live with proper care? They can actually live until up to 12 with proper care, love, and attention.

They need to be cleaned thoroughly and every fold and bend on their skin must be cleaned of dirt and grime on a daily basis.

Like all dogs, these ones require exercise as excess fat and weight are dangerous for their bones and might lead to a plethora of health issues.

A bulldog is also prone to overheating as their nasal cavity is small unlike other breeds. This makes bulldogs sensitive to heat and will require lots of cooling in hot weather. They also need good ventilation due to that small nasal cavity.

Stuffed To Perfection

Stuffing of animal and bird skins have been practiced for many years. These find use in natural history museums. In many old homes, these can be seen as trophies of hunting brought back by their ancestors. This is a good way of preserving the animals, which may become extinct one day, in the way they really existed. This art of stuffing real animal skins to exactly make it look like the animal is called taxidermy.

Taxidermy does not just refer to the process of preserving the animals, it also has come to represent the end product which is the replica of the animal. The original skin of the animal is used in taxidermy to stuff. The stuffing inside is done using wires, wood, and wool. Alternatively, ready-made mannequins are available on which the skins are stretched and stitched.

Remember if you are working on a taxidermy always get a pair of anti fog safety glasses to wear while you are doing it. The last thing you want to do is hurt your eyes working on your taxidermy and they tend to fog up the glasses while you are working on the taxidermy so anti fog is critical.

History Of Taxidermy

Taxidermy has been in existence for quite a long time. The first recorded taxidermy was in 1748 when birds were stuffed for natural history cabinets. Methods of taxidermy and mounting were described in 1752. In those days stuffing was done using clay, which made the models very heavy.

During the Victorian era, this art form flourished. It became a fashion to have animal mounts as part of the interior decoration. John Hancock is considered to be a pioneer of taxidermy as it exists today. He used to shoot birds. He would then model them in plaster. He made an exhibition of his mounts which earned much praised. Many youngsters started getting interested in the art at this time.

Modern Taxidermy

From the ages of early taxidermy, the art developed into making more realistic looking mounts. People studied the animals with photographs and used realistic poses that are peculiar to that animal. The skin and muscles are studied in detail and exact replicas are made. This makes the mounts more realistic.

The animal is first skinned, and the skin is tanned as is usually done with most hides for use as leather. The skin is mounted on a mannequin usually made nowadays using polyurethane foam. This gives a better shape to the final product.

Taxidermists are also using another method. They freeze the animal along with the bones and muscles. Only the interiors are removed. These carcasses are frozen and dried using special machines for these purposes. These are then taken out used as mounts. This method is more preferred in the preservation of pets. As the machines are expensive this method is also very expensive.

How Much Does A Taxidermy Cost?

If you have not read our post on what a taxidermy is start there before reading this.

In earlier days, only the hunters did taxidermy. They went and hunted, brought back the dead animal, did all the process and stuffed the animal themselves. Today there a lot of professional taxidermists who do stuffing. These range from those who do wild animals of big sizes and those who only do pets stuffing.

Among the taxidermists themselves, there are those who take time for the full treatment and does a fully genuine job and there are those who do mass production work. There is a difference in quality and difference in pricing. It all comes down to quality.

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Of course, gone are the days when you had wild animals and big animals being stuffed. Hunting rules and taking these from country to country are preventing much of those. These old animals or their parts are now available either at museums or at old Victorian houses where they still adorn the walls.

Most of the animals that are stuffed today are those that are available in good numbers or those which can be hunted or eaten. These are done by various taxidermists around the country.

The pricing depends mainly on size and what parts you want. The price for a shoulder mount, wall pedestal and horn mount vary. Of course, the life-size will come at a much higher price. There are also price differences based on the animals that are available locally and those which are from other countries.

Pieces that are sold from huge estates, antique shops and hunting places will, of course, cost you more. You need to really hunt for these to get what you want. There are also many shops that would do these for you. You can get them stuffed if you have the animal or get the full thing done by them.

What finally decides the prices is the quality of the mount. By quality what we mean is how close to realistic the mount is. Are the muscles and the poses really like the animal? Do the eyes look natural enough? These are all the things that are going to matter when it comes to price. Anyone who does these to the highest quality standards is not going to bring down the price. They do much lesser work in a month or year than the others do, and this is going to decide the price.

Have a good picture of the animal in mind before you go to buy your taxidermy. That will help you select the best quality one.

Best collars for a poodle

Dog collars come in diverse designs and colors just like the poodles. The Poodles breed are available in diverse sizes as well as colors. The numerous colors and designs of poodle dog collars make it very challenging for a dog owner to select the best collars for a poodle. The collars each differ from the previous one in terms of type, color and size. When you are out shopping for a collar for your poodle it is essential that you are certain that what you select if the most ideal collar for your poodle. Poodles are very proud dogs hence are very aware about their appearance.

Importance of a dog collar

It is very important that a dog owner selects a collar that will look amazing on the dog’s neck. In as much as appearances are important they should not be the fundamental factors used in basing your selection. There are other factors that are more significant in the collar than just its appearance. Factors such as purpose, functionality and convenience should be among the top aspects to consider before even thinking about the aesthetic appearance of the collar.

Types of collars

The flat collar which is also commonly referred to as the buckle collar is the most commonly used collar for poodles. This type of collar is very popular among many dog owners due to the fact that it has the capacity to hold essential details such as your contact information, the dog’s name and the owner’s name. These data fragments placed on the collar of your poodle are essential as they make the chances of getting your dog back in case it walks out and gets lost. The owner can easily get it back as any individual who comes across it can contact the dog owner as compared to when the collar does not have this information.

The most distinctive feature about the poodles is the dense coat that makes them attractive to many people. The main disadvantage of the dense coat is that it attracts fleas the same way it does to people. Treating the dense coat when infested with fleas is a tedious task that can prove to be very challenging. In case there is a high chance of your dog being infested with fleas the flea collar would be an ideal selection. The flea collar has been saturated with flea repellent chemicals to protect your dog from possible infestation.

The best collars for a bulldog

We have already written about the best dog leashes but that is very generic as dogs come in all shapes and sizes. So when it comes to the dog collar they need to be specific for your dog. Too big and it wont hod them, too small and it will hurt them. And on top of this different dog breeds needs different types of material to stop the dog being hurt.

Having a bull dog as a pet is a huge deal which is why it is essential that you know why it is important to have a harness and the purpose of owning one. The harness is an extremely important equipment to own for any dog owner due to the various purposes it serves. Selecting the best collars for a bulldog is such a tough task due to the fact that they are available in numerous designs.

Purpose of a harness

The harness is very different from a dog collar both in appearance and the purpose. The harness is worn in combination with the collar. The harness and collar will both be in the possession of any responsible dog owner, especially one owning a bulldog.

The purpose of a harness for bulldogs is mostly for training as well as walking purposes. When walking your dog it is advisable to use your harness especially if the walk is for a short distance. The harness should be put on for short durations of time such as when using the bathroom and other tasks that consume similar duration of time.

Choosing the right collar for your Bulldog

The overall health of your bulldog might heavily depend on the way you make use of the harness as well as the collar. It is very essential that a dog owner is well aware of when they need to use the collar and harness. The greatest mistake any individual can make is allowing their bulldog to have all the power positioned on their neck. The average bulldog is estimated to have about sixty pounds of muscle placing all that power around the neck which might be deadly for the bulldog.

Applying the Harness

The best retractable harness is a circular device that is put on around the chest and belly of the bulldog. Using the harness removes all the pressure from the neck of your dog. The first step of applying the harness is opening the nickel buckle to make it easy to place the harness on the dog. Place the head of the bulldog through the end circle at the front then let the dog steps to the centre strap at the bottom using both legs. Close the nickel buckle and the harness is in position.

When selecting the best collar for bulldogs there are several factors that you need to put into consideration in relation to the body build of the dogs such as overheating. The bulldogs have flat faces, short and compact muzzles which cause overheating due to the difficulty they experience when breathing and panting. This is why the collar is not an ideal device to use while walking your bulldog for a long distance as it restricts the breathing while at the same time risking collapse of the tracheal.

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How often should you exercise your Dog?

Every breed is designed to do different things. All have a breed specialized “job”. Some breeds are lazy, some hyperactive, some annoying, some angry birds. Every breed has its own requirements too. Food requirements, rest requirements even exercise requirements too.

Here is a list of some energy bundles who needs the most exercise to stay in shape.

The AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD is a herding dog, with a bundle of energy.


Now comes the shining star of the USA, designed to retrieve are LABRADOR RETRIEVER.

Another extremely popular breed in America, the GOLDEN RETRIEVER is great for hunting and known for their love of swimming.

An incredibly fast, agile breed. On top of their need for speed, they’re highly intelligent so it’s important that you keep them busy- WEIMARANER’S.

The breed herd to hunt lion thus highly intensive exercise-RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK.

Now lets turn to highly athletic mini wolves who bred to stretch

The German Shepherd is one breed that is still highly utilized for work. When we think of police dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, military dogs…the most common is the German Shepherd. Any breed capable of what they’re capable of need excessive exercise.

Known for their beautiful spots, Catahoula’s are a herding dog, that desperately needs a job for their active personalities.

Intense athlete, calm and cute – While all dogs need exercise, some definitely require more activity than others. If you are a marathon runner or want an agility dog, one of these breeds may fit you just fine. On the other hand, if you are more of the movie-marathon type, you may want to skip one these dogs “Too much energy” is one of the reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters, so be sure you are ready before adding one of these breeds to your family.

Best Dog Leashes To Keep Your Dog Still – Which One To Choose?

Dog leashes, also known as Dog leads, are highly important for ensuring the well being and care of dogs. Whether you are simply walking your canine companion or training it, it is essential to buy the best one for your dog. As a buyer, you can find a wide range of dog leashes and leads to choose from. There are plenty of variations, and one that satisfies your needs as well as offers utmost comfort to your dog is the one that is best for you.

Standard leashes

These are available in nylon or leather, and are the commonest in form. You can find these in many styles and forms, from simple leather leashes to diamond studded leashes. Those made of nylon come with a reflective strip that allows higher safety while walking your dog in the early morning or late at night. These are usually as long as 6 foot, as per most municipality standards. Where dog leash training is concerned, this is the type of leash mainly used. These can come in single style or double style.

Retractable dog leashes

In the last few years, these have become very popular. These cannot help in training and are not preferable for dog leash training sessions. However, these work well for already leash trained dogs and you need the best retractable dog leashes for your dog. You can use it to have your dog move about safely in an open area. However, in case of a danger you can retract it and make your dog come back.

Bicycle dog leash

These are special types of leads, comprising of an aluminum tube and a cable with plastic coating passing down through the inside of the tube. The cable projects from the tube and end about 2 feet to let dogs move about easily. One end can be connected to your dog’s collar while the other end can be connected to a bike.

Martingale leash

At times, these are called “show-leash”. This is the preferable leash when you are in a ring. These work as a leash as well as a multipurpose collar, and offer the benefit of not choking your dog at any point of time. The lead’s collar part rides high on the neck of the dog, and is connected immediately behind its ears with a tiny chain that gives a tight pull when the leash is pulled on. If you want to jog safely with your dog along with you, you must get this type of leash.

Which breed of dogs needs the most exercise?

 Every breed is designed to do different thing, they all have a breed specified “job”. Some are very tired, lazy, not so enthusiastic members whereas some tend to be herding, extremely sporty and over enthusiastic. As each human has its own individuality and requirements similarly, each breed has its own requirements and demands. They are needed to be nurtured differently, exercised differently and also should eat differently. Here is the list of some over enthusiastic dogs:-

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is one of the most herding dogs and are filled with a powerhouse of energy. They need a lot of exercise to supplement their lack of work.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds and are meant to retrieve. They are generally highly active.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is also an extremely popular breed and is excellent for hunting. They have gained their popularity from swimming and are very active.


They have incredible agility and are super fast. As fast as they are they have brilliant minds too and are thus, kept busy most of the times.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

They hunt lions and therefore require excessive exercises. Very popular among hunters and is a in demand breed.


They might not be very fast but they possess great endurance which make them excellent for long distance tours. To maintain such endurance they need challenging exercises.

Border Collie

A one of a kind sheep herded breed who loves to work. Their work horse ability makes them very popular and they do utilize their energy in high quality exercises.

In Summary

Not all dogs require excessive training. Some are great with their minds, some are great with speed and endurance and only the rare ones have both. Therefore, it’s a necessity to train each breed in a way that enhances their powers.


How To Look Better For Pictures? Need No Worry About Your Appearance Now

Sharing some photos on social media will need much time to choose the best pictures of yours. Unfortunately, not all the photos you think are good pictures to expose or share. The questions of how to look better for pictures not only comes to your mind, but almost all people think the same and try to find the best solution.

Here, there are some ways that you can do to look better for pictures, especially for your social media. The first is twisting your body. Do you think that all people can twist their body well? Not really is the best answer. Keep this in your mind. When you want to twist your body, ensure that you move your body only 45 degrees, not more than or not less than this. When you are twisting your body, put your hand on your hip and plant your foot slightly pointing to the camera. Then, place your weight on your back leg. This position will make you not large-looking but thin.

The next is doing angle-face shotes. This portrait helps you to look natural. The position of your face is standing your face upward or downward. It means you should avoid the direct head of the camera. It will make your face look larger. Then, you must balance also with your sight. Give natural sight by seeing your sight line. This angle of your face is very important if you want to look better for pictures.

Women, actually like to show some brands of the items in capturing photos. Actually, it does not mean to show off but women very much like do this to look extra gorgeous (don’t believe me? Look at Instagram and it is everywhere).

If you like images from the top to the bottom of your body, you should try this pose. Crossing your ankles will give a more gorgeous image of yours (unless you have huge legs). Looking better for pictures can be done by crossing angles, when you cross your camera from your calf. However, it helps your hips to look narrow and of course, your legs will look longer. It is also a really casual photo.

The last tip that is the most important for you to get a better look is smiling. If you think that your smile makes you look very silly,just check your smile. Too big smiling triggers you to look bad. It squints your eyes. The solution for this is smiling naturally.

How to smile naturally? You do not need to smile too much. Just make curves in your lower lip that matched to your upper teeth. This smile is very universal and almost all people know about this tip. The slight and relax smile on your lip allows flattering smile that shows sweet and natural smiling. This smile also avoids puffing your cheeks out. You can combine your slight smile with pressing your tongue to your mouth roof. It works to make you look like professional model. The extra bonus tip for smiling is to make it real, as people say smiling from the ears in a real smile!

Is It Important to Write The Price In Wildlife Paintings Gallery?

Wildlife paintings are very nice artwork. Some people make a gallery for their art pieces due to some reasons. Do you have a plan to make a gallery? You may see some paintings in galleries with prices and with no price. Showing the price in a gallery can provide several advantages. But, it can also give disadvantages. Do you need to display your art pieces with the price or with no price? Is it useful for you to give the price? If you are still confused to make decision regarding your wildlife paintings gallery, you may need to read this article until the end. Considering the advantages and disadvantages may help you find the best decision.

Before going to the disadvantages, we will talk about the advantages first. There are several advantages of giving price for each artwork in your gallery. A gallery can make easy potential buyers to find your artwork. Some people may not have time to go to art festival that is held in certain moment. A gallery can be useful for the buyer to find their desired artwork. But, not all people are comfortable to ask the price of your artwork. People may also think that your artwork is too expensive. Sometimes, people assume that your artwork is not for sale. If you are showing the price, it can make easy potential buyer to be your customer. When they see the price, they can fit their budget. Most people need transparency when they are purchasing artwork. When you are showing the prince in your wildlife paintings gallery, it can let people know if they are able to purchase your artwork. The buyers need to know that their desired item should be on budget. It can avoid uncomfortable situation.

Giving the price of an artwork in gallery also gives disadvantages. You need to replace the price if you raise it often. Certainly, it will require you to update the data when there is a change. It may take your time. Giving the price can also minimize the interaction with buyer. The buyer may not need more information when the price is stated. If you don’t write the price in your wildlife paintings gallery, there is possibility of buyer who makes a call. Building good communication with buyers can be good way to turn them into customers. Providing the price can make your gallery too commercial. Some artists who still keep the price are worried if their website looks too commercial and uninviting.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of stating the price in your wildlife paintings gallery. Do you prefer stating the price? The decision is up to you. After reading the advantages and disadvantages above, you can make decision that suits your condition. The important thing is you need to design your gallery as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the buyers are comfortable when visiting your gallery. Comfort is very crucial to attract customers.